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Hobbyist Edition

For $9.99 per year, you get:

Indie Edition

For $99.99 per year, you get:

Franchise Edition

Franchise Edition is for people who want to own and operate their own WeGotYourBackToday deployment for other people's projects.

For $499.99 per year, Franchisees get:

Questions? Read the FAQs or Drop us a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Hosted App/Service Library Model?

We've all seen products built for a group of people. Then the investors need the product to make more money. So the developers shift to a different market. Or they leverage their position to raise prices. Or they simply shut down.

And the customers get left behind.

We provide WeGotYourBackToday's source code to all customers, so you can choose at any time to maintain your own deployment.

Why not keep the software proprietary?

Proprietary software has it's place. But it's also fraught with peril. Once the money runs out, the app product disappears or stops being maintained. Even if it has hundreds or thousands of people depending on it.

Then why not open source it?

Open source software also has it's place! However the dynamics around open source make it difficult to sustain for maintainers who aren't paid to work on the projects by their employer.

As a result, contributions to open-source software skews towards coming from well-capitalized enterprises. Well-capitalized enterprises with different strengths and needs than us independent or small business folks.

So the resulting software tends to be optimized for organizations that can field a full-time team of designers, programmers, account managers, marketers, operations and financiers.

Most non-enterprise-funded open-source is maintained as a labor of love. Some is funded via emerging models like TideLift, Ruby Together and Open Collective.

We're instead focusing on Community Source Software.

Wait, what is Community Source Software?

Community Source Software is software owned by a community of contributors and customers.

We believe paid, community-owned software is a sustainable alternative that can co-exist with proprietary and open source software.

Think of this less like 'diluting the values of open source' and more like applying pressure for proprietary software providers to be more open.

Still got questions?

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